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We are back with renewed energy to make this 5th edition the best of all. Conferences, discussion panels, short film contest and much more.

Awards Ceremony

Discover the Winners and Enjoy a Show Full of Humor and Live Music

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July 12th, 2023 at 20:00

Centro Cultural Pérez de la Riva

C/ Principado de Asturias 28, Las Rozas – Madrid

About SUMMA 3D

Summa3D is an international animation competition, focused on students, professionals and lovers of animation and special effects, but it is actually a call for all those involved in the industry to join and actively support the development of new talents and new projects to enhance animation and special effects.


Competition Opening

2022, TUESDAY NOV, 15th

Any person wishing to participate can apply from that moment on, as long as they meet the requirements established in the contest rules.

AI Art in Production

2023, FEBRUARY 16th

by Edu Serna

We will explore the possibilities of AI-generated art into audiovisual production areas, such as concept art, texturing, matte painting, etc. We’llalso discuss training costs for artists, legal barriers, ethical issues, etc.

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Virtual Production

2023, MARCH 30th

by Juanjo Bernabeu

Game engines such as Unreal to applied to processes such as Render, Previz, Shading, etc. We’ll also discuss the challenges, evolution and future of this technology.

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2023, APRIL 13th

by Christian Dan

We will be able to see how the Mario Bros movie was made from the inside. We will learn the secrets of animation and how a video game character was brought to life while preserving the style of the game

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2023, JULY 12th

by Happy Josh

Trophies and awards will be presented to the winners of each category. In addition, a special honorary award will be presented to a relevant figure for his or her contribution to the industry.

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Meet The Jury

It is an honor to host a jury formed by the highest level professionals, with an outstanding experience in the audiovisual industry and each with a unique point of view, shaped by their area of expertise. All of them together provide an overall view in order to award the best in each contest category.

Borja Montoro

Borja Montoro

Character Designer & Animator

Christian Dan Bejarano

Christian Dan Bejarano

Animation Director at Cinemotion Ltd

Ángeles González-Sinde

Ángeles González-Sinde

Filmmaker & Writer

Carlos Biern

Carlos Biern

Content &Distribution Director of DeAPlaneta Kids & Family

Edu Serna

Edu Serna

Head of Development at Simplecloud.io

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