Awards Ceremony

Discover the Winners and Enjoy a Show Full of Humor and Live Music

July 12th, 2023 at 20:00

Centro Cultural Pérez de la Riva

C/ Principado de Asturias 28, Las Rozas – Madrid

We are pleased to announce that SUMMA3D 2023 comes to an end with the Awards Ceremony Gala and an exciting Final Party. It will be an unforgettable night full of animation, special effects and celebration!

Thank you all for supporting us from the beginning! That’s why we want you to join us so we can put the finishing touch.

The Awards Gala will be introduced by Juanjo Bernabéu, who will guide us through the exciting ceremony full of humor, with the presence of the monologist Diego Daño, in which the finalist short films will be screened and the best in each category of the competition, chosen by our prestigious jury, will be awarded. In addition, the Cinerama Award and a special honorary award will be given to Manuel Cristobal, for his outstanding contribution to the animation industry and his impressive career. To conclude, we will have live music.

After the Gala, we’ll celebrate an exclusive End of Season Party. Attendees with this invitation and who have registered at the link provided will have access to an exclusive cocktail reception. It will be a perfect environment to make connections and network with other industry professionals.

We encourage you to register as soon as possible to secure your place in this unique evening of celebration and fun.

Get your free tickets and don’t miss this opportunity to learn and connect.


See you there!


Adding a Touch of Humor

Diego Daño


Comic, engineer and teacher. In the order you prefer. After 20 years in multinational IT companies I have decided to dedicate myself fully to my passions, which have always been comedy, making people laugh and public presentations. I dedicate myself to training and sharing my experience and I keep learning.

We will be lucky enough to have Diego Daño during the ceremony and put the icing on the cake with humor.

Special SUMMA3D 2023 Career Achievement Award


Manuel Cristóbal

Audiovisual Producer and Consultant

Manuel Cristobal is a highly acclaimed Spanish film producer known for his remarkable contributions to the animation industry. With extensive experience and expertise, Manuel has left an indelible mark on the world of filmmaking.

Throughout his career, Manuel has demonstrated a deep passion for animation, producing a diverse range of films that captivate audiences worldwide. His creative vision and commitment to excellence have earned him widespread recognition and numerous accolades.

As a film producer, Manuel has played a vital role in nurturing and promoting the art of animation. His dedication to the craft has resulted in the production of several animated feature films that have garnered critical acclaim and captured the imagination of viewers. Through his work, Manuel has brought captivating stories to life, utilizing various animation techniques to create immersive and visually stunning cinematic experiences.

With his keen eye for talent, Manuel has nurtured and collaborated with talented animators and directors, fostering a creative environment that encourages innovation and pushes the boundaries of what animation can achieve. His ability to assemble and lead talented teams has been instrumental in the success of his productions.

Manuel’s impact extends beyond the films he has produced. His involvement in the film industry has led to the development of support schemes for feature films and video games, providing opportunities for emerging filmmakers and fostering growth within the industry. Through his initiatives, he has revitalized development and short film production support schemes, providing vital resources and support to aspiring filmmakers.

Furthermore, Manuel’s role as an advisor in the audiovisual industry has allowed him to advocate for the recognition and promotion of Spanish cinema on international platforms. His efforts have not only increased funding for projects but also established programs that support and showcase Spanish talent on a global scale.

As a respected figure in the animation community, Manuel’s contributions have been acknowledged and celebrated. His work has been honored with prestigious awards, affirming his status as a producer of exceptional talent and creative vision.

In summary, Manuel Cristobal has made a significant impact on the animation industry through his remarkable productions, his support for emerging talent, and his advocacy for Spanish cinema. His dedication to storytelling, innovation, and fostering creativity has cemented his legacy as a prominent figure in the world of animation.

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